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Chopper Machine
Chopping is an important process in several industries, like agriculture and food. Several materials can be chopped into desired sizes using a chopper machine. Our company supplies this machine in two different models.
Screw Conveyor
Screw conveyor is a type of conveying machine that is used in agriculture and other industries for conveying material in granular or liquid form. Many products that can not be moved by other type of conveyor can be moved by this machine, for instance cereal grains, food waste, animal feed, etc.
Conveying System
We come forth with a pneumatic conveying system that moves material by using differential air pressure. Vacuum is used to pull material in case it is a negative pressure system; and compressor is used to push material in case it is a positive pressure device.
Grinding Pulverizer Mill Machine
Buy grinding pulverizer mill machine from us to carry out grinding process in your chemical, fertilizer, feed, mineral, plastic, pharmaceutical and other industries. The construction of this machine is heavy and rugged.
Grinding And Washery Plants
Spice grinding and salt washery can be carried out making use of our grinding and washery plants. The heavy duty plant can be installed with ease and can be used to carry out the operations on continuous basis.
Rotary Sifter Machine
Rotary sift plant is needed to carry our separation process in the rice mills, chemical plant, food industries and more. The plant incorporates sieves for performing the separation process.
Vibrating Screen
Buy from us vibrating screen and feeder for your rick crushing plant or stone/sand/gravel production line. The feeder can be employed for feeding the material into crushing equipment. This can be purchased by businesses in coal, mineral, mining industries.
Airlock Valve
Our company can be relied upon for purchasing rotary airlock valve, which can be installed to minimize system air loss during material transfer between vessels with differential pressures. It finds use in chemical, dairy, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Dust Collector
You can install a dust collector to collect dust and dirt from air.  It is needed to maintain the quality of air in the industry, such as food, pharmaceutical, agriculture, woodworking, etc.
Industrial Blender
Buy from us both, cone and ribbon industrial blenders. Both types of blender have their own advantages and applications. These are required to blend material in large quantity.
Lump Crusher
Hammer and lump crushers offered by our company can be purchased with the guarantee of quality and service life. Both types of crusher can effectively crush material, like limestone, coal, coke, etc., into smaller sizes.
Aspirator Channel
Aspirator channel is a cleaning machine that cleans all light in weight impurities. Customers can buy this machine from us as we guarantee easy operations and high throughput.